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Why Book my Jobs Online?

Effect from January 6th, 2014 all incoming jobs must be booked online before any further process.
All our customers are directed to book their job online to enable us execute the job on time.
Customers should please adhere to these changes as this is part of our effort to improve our management and to serve you better

See why this is necessary

  • Convenience and Comfort: Customers can book their job anywhere and make payment, and their job will be delivered as scheduled.
  • Monitoring: Customers can now monitor the progress of their job as we work on it and they can participate effectively in any part that we need their attention.
  • Fast Delivery: When you book your job you specify the maximum time you will like your job to take, this means that your job will be delivered based on your plan and budget.
  • Easy Payment & Accountability: Now you can make payment for your job anywhere around the globe. With the online portal, you can account for all the money you are paying. We also provide you with receipt for every payment.
  • Customer Care: Our customer care have been improved, by integrating ticketing system and SMS messaging customers will get the latest update and also find it very easy and fast to get their question answered on time.

Note: We can only execute your job only after confirming the booking online

Thank you for your cooperation,